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Sept 1 bend OR
Sept 1 bend OR  
Hello Mr. Eaton,
I am currently in Bend Oregon and we found a bug that I have never seen before. We found it by the camp fire on Sept 1 at 9:40pm. It crawled like an ant. About 1 inch and 1/2 long.
I have attached a picture. Please let me know by am very curious.


Thank you for including the image with your question.  I am changing this to a public question because there is no private information contained in your description; plus, many people encounter these insects and are curious as to what they are.

The creature is called a "Jerusalem Cricket," genus Stenopelmatus .  Here is more information:


They are not true crickets, being more closely allied to the "wetas" and "king crickets" of Australia and New Zealand.

Jerusalem crickets are active at night, living in burrows, under rocks, logs, and other shelter by day.  They are omnivores, feeding mostly on dry, dead organic matter, but also on injured insects.

Be careful where you get more information on this insect!  Jerusalem crickets are steeped in folklore, myth, and urban legend, perpetuated at various websites and other media.  They are NOT venomous, NOT pests, and are NOT dangerous in any way.


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