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I found this bug crawling on me today. I have been experiencing blotches on my skin that itch horribly but I have allergies too, just don't know what to. My dog has also been suffering from a skin condition. I am wanting to make sure this isn't a bed bug or cockroach. I found out the previous tenant 3 years ago had bed bugs and they didn't tell me when I moved in. The bug is about 3 mm long. The bug is so small these are the best images I could get.

Hi Jennifer
The picture is too far out of focus for me to tell you what it is but I can assure you it is neither a bedbug nor a roach. It looks like some kind of a small beetle but nothing that could cause the problems that you and your dog have. These are medical problems not but bug problems and require  examination by a dermatologist and a Vet

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