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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Small Black Moth-like or slow-fly type bug


QUESTION: What is this small black-winged bug usually seen on walls or Window sills inside the home ???  Slow moving ...

ANSWER: Dear Vincent - I'm sorry, but I cannot provide you with an answer unless I can see an image of your mystery critter, and I do not see anything attached to your question.
Waiting to hear back,

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QUESTION: Thanks... I determined it was a Drain fly.  It may be emanating from larvae unseen in a nearby stationary-tub drain or mudroom bathroom sink.
I am contemplating using enzymes to dissolve any residue harboring potential larvae.  One last possible source is a sump-pump room in the basement. However the drainage water is always very clear there.  I don't see where organic residue could accumulate to the extent it would provide an accommodating nursery like the other drains would.
The adult flies do smear when smashed & maintain a tiny dark triangular profile on walls & Window sills.
By the way, I'm in Southfield MI.

Dear Vincent - As long as you're certain they are drain flies (and from your description, those are the most likely suspects), you can find more control recommendations at and Additionally, your county office of he University of Michigan's Cooperative Extension Service can be of assistance when dealing with most pest problems - see for contact information.

Good luck, and hope this helps,

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