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I keep seeing spiders in my bathroom basement bedroom. They are scaring me to death.I have looked at the wildlife pictures of spiders in Ohio but I can't quite find it. It seems close to the Ohio red spider or the brown recluse. I am not sure. I don't see red.They are very big with long legs. They are always holding their selfes up when I see them. I have a smashed one but I don't have a way to get you a picture. They are very scarey. I have seen at least 8 now In the last month. It looks like on the body there is some black. Hard to tell when it is smooshed. Maybe like on the picture of funnel spider. Just doesn't seem exactly like the pictures I seen. I am really worried. Thanks for any help you can give or advice


The best way to control any of the spiders found in homes is sticky traps. They are inexpensive and don't use pesticides so they are very safe to use, plus they are very effective. See http://www.livingwithbugs.com/spider_tp.html for some general information about using these traps. Post a follow up if you have other questions.

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