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More Tiny Black Bugs
More Tiny Black Bugs  
Tiny Black Bugs
Tiny Black Bugs  
QUESTION: I just read your answer about what these bug are, but how do you get rid of them?  I have lived in South Florida for 31 years and have never seen these except in my client's house and I have no idea how to stop them from coming into his house!  I have tried everything.  These pics are from just a couple of days.  They pile up in no time in corners and around furniture legs.

ANSWER: Hi Pauline
I do not see any insects in these photos but it does look like insect activity. Ants often leave debris like this.  I would have to see a photo of an actual insect. Is there movement here?
I do not believe this debris is from bugs coming in from outside, but from insects in the house. I also noticed what appears to be dirt on the top of the baseboard. Is that a planter in the first photo?

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Close Up of Black Bugs
Close Up of Black Bugs  
QUESTION: There is never any movement.  I clean them up at night and the next morning they are all in the same places.  They always look dead. I had to really zoom in to get this picture!  The 1st photo has an artificial plant in it.  They also pile up in areas where is nothing.  That is not dirt on the baseboards, it is dead bugs.  I clean it every day!

Hi Pauline
Now that I see the closeups I can tell you that these are definitely ants and the debris suggests that they are carpenter ants. They are in the house someplace and since I cannot be there to look around I am afraid that you will have to get an exterminator to get rid of them so that they do no further damage. Be sure however that you get references and hire a competant exterminator. Many of them ,especially in Florida, do not know what they are doing.


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