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Tiny red bug
Tiny red bug  
QUESTION: Hi! I found many browning herd bug recently in my house. They are in the kitchen,  in the bathroom, around the bathroom tub drain, bedrooms, windows everywhere. Our house is brand new and just completed 3 months back. I checked my pantry also, I don't think they in any food item(pantry bug?, I haven't seen them in the pantry).  What are they? How do I get rid of them? Please help.

Thank you in advance,

It is difficult for me to identify this bug from the photo but it resembles a red flour beetle or one called a Confused flour beetle. You must find the source in order to get rid of them. Have you checked your flour?

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Red big
Red big  
QUESTION: Hi! I checked each and every jar, container, flour and food item in the pantry. They are not there. They don't look like pantry bug. They are little longer than pantry bug. I saw them today flying in the living room area. I am worried. I have 2 little kids. Will they bite or do any harm? Could it be any other bug that look like pantry bug? We have some indoor plants. Is there any possibility they are coming from there? I am attaching another pic with better view.

Thank a lot!

Hi Ann
Pantry pests come in various shapes and sizes and I am sure these are beetles and most likely Dermestid beetles. Do you see any on your plants. I was assuming these were breeding inside the house. Is there any chance they may be getting in form outside?
 I am hampered by the fact that I am not there to see the situation. I fyou know an exterminater you can trust you may have to consult them but be careful
 As to biting your kids I am positive that these beetles cannot bite

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