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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/tiny reddish black beetles that seem to be coming from an inside wall


Hello, I had these same beetles last summer and when it got cold, they disappeared.  They seem to be coming from an inside wall and this summer they come out >1000 every day.  My vacuum is almost worn out.  They do fly but not very often.  I have tried 5 different insecticides both last summer and this summer; and had them professionally sprayed this summer twice.  I have a feeling we need to kill them in the wall.  They are coming from the countertop that is abutting (sp?) an inside wall.  I live in a condo and my upstairs neighbors do not have them.  Please help me!

Dear Antoinette - I hesitate to state with any certainty without actually being able to see your unwanted house guests, but I suspect that they might be foreign grain beetles (). Also known as 'new house beetles,' they are nuisance pests that do no real harm. See for a fact sheet on these beetles to see if the description matches what you have. However, if after reviewing this publication you believe that you have something different, I suggest that you place some of them in a small container of rubbing alcohol and take them to your county office of the University of Minnesota's Cooperative Extension Service (see for links to contact information) to see if someone there can be of assistance. Extension service offices usually are a good resource when dealing with most home/yard/garden pest problems.

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