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Hello   Have   been  having these gray bugs that have been in  kitchen They seem to climb on cabinets and behind microwave and the wall Do you think there coming from the cabinets And they are so fast They seem to come out more  at night when you turn on the light lot more We have orkin come  spray are apartment But the bugs weren't there so He couldn't tell us what it was I don't know what attracted them It seems they like water  and sweets Will I just want rid of them  I notice when i  spray them with water  dish washing soap they die Will they are just in the kitchen Do you know what kind of bug this would be And it cold where i live Could they be getting in the crevic Thank you Carolyn

Hi Carolyn
 Without seeing one of these I cannot tell you what they are. Can you send me a photo. Meanwhile you seem to be doing the right thing is using a soapy spray that is killing them. You will need however to locate their source. I am assuming that these are typical pantry pests so you should examie all dried opened foods. From their behavior of coming out at night and scurrying they could also be immature cockroaches I could teel what the are by seeing photos. Do not count on Orkin. If they had been doing the job you would not have the problem

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