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Stink bug
Stink bug  
I have a guest "stink bug" hanging out in a window, over the kitchen sink this winter, in Maine.  S/he fell into the sink the other day, getting oil-covered wings from some olive oil that was sitting in a pan, and is now unable to fly.  I'm curious if there is anything I can do to help clean the wings?  I am also wondering if I can offer any food at all, as I'm thinking this little critter might be slow and wobbly from not having a food source in the house - when s/he would normally be more dormant somewhere colder?  S/he came out of a plant I brought in for the winter and hasn't been receptive to pine cones, syrup or needles I've brought in...s/he was zooming around at first, actively crawling around and flying before the oil incident.  Any ideas?  


That's not a stink bug. I can't see all the characters clearly but it looks like an assassin bug (Reduviidae). Assassin bugs are predators and can inflict a very painful bite if handled carelessly. I'd be careful with this one. As far as cleaning the oil off I'm sorry but I don't have any good ideas.

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