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I live in Taiwan in Asia. 1.5 years ago I went on a vacation, looking at natural scenery staying in hotels. Since then I've had an on and off microscopic bug problem. They seem to be risen from inactivity by extremes in temperature either hot or cold, so the problem is apparent in summer and winter. They live in bedding and clothing (the thicker the greater their numbers). After a six month stay in Australia and America without a bug problem, I came back to Taiwan and the bugs came back too. Did that mean they survived in the clothes I left behind or under my skin in a dormant state, who knows. They just make me really itchy all over, my head, shoulders, chest, back, thighs, arms, etc. Often I won't be itchy and then suddenly I'll become itchy like there is a spider crawling on me and biting me, often but not always it correlates with putting on a piece of clothing. Washing the clothes has no effect. Once I washed all the linens in my house every day for two weeks; it had absolutely no effect. I've replaced my bed and the new one is wrapped in plastic. Everyone seems to believe it is dry skin, but using different kinds of bath soaps and frequently applying lotion does not reduce the problem. Interestingly there are 5 people in my house. The problem has not spread from my and my roommate to others. They leave red, inflamed areas or red dimples similar to just about any microscopic bug that can be found in the home. The doctors are unable to determine what it is, and simply prescribe anti-itch cream. In my own internet research, I feel like it could almost be anything.  Pest control is performed by the fire department in full on outbreak situations only in this country, excessive spraying would be difficult, because I live in an apartment complex. I hope you can identify the bug for me, so that I can do research and maybe take the name of the bug back to the lazy doctor.

Hi Richard
I am afraid that I will not be of much help sine I believe this is not a bug problem but a medical problem and you have already seen doctors who have been unable to determine the cause. I know of organisms that can cause this except possibly the Scabies mite and the doctors should have seen that.There is no way that I can second guess doctors who have actually examined you.
I do not know what doctors you saw but I would suggest a dermatologist or an allergist. I have received questions like yours many times and it usually turns out to be an allergic reaction

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