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QUESTION: Today my mom (age 88) saw two lady bugs sitting outside on the dining room windowsill and flung them off the windowsill and I want to know can a ladybug save itself by spreading its wings and flying if someone does what my mom did. What she did really upset me.

ANSWER: Lady bugs are excellent at flying.  They can spread their wings in mid air and fly.  They are also very tough.  Even if they don't fly, if they fall onto the ground, it doesn't hurt them. What your mother did is fine.  I do the sane thing, especially with moths that get inside the house.  

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QUESTION: Thank you.  I have another question. I rescued two ladybugs (not the ones my mom flicked off the ledge). The two I rescued are safe in a home I created for them. I am feeding them small amounts of sugar, however, they arent drinking or moving around.  They are perfectly still, color is great. How can I tell if they are dead or alive?

If they fall on the ground if they land on their backs wouldnt they die?

People can't live on just sugar.  People need vitamins, protein, and other stuff to eat.  So do ladybugs.  They will die with just sugar.  If you want them to live, let them go outdoors.  To tell if they are alive, poke them and see if they move.  If they are sick or dying because of not getting vitamins and protein, they might not move.  Take them outside to some plants in the sun and let them go.

Entomology (Study of Bugs)

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