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Spa Tub Bug
Spa Tub Bug  
I moved into a house in North Hollywood California a few years ago and never used my spa bathtub. I recently started noticing these little bugs about a 1.0 cm long stuck in my tub that can't climb out. I am not sure if they coming from the drain or the nozzles of the water jets.

Hi Regan,

It looks like a cockroach. Do you also have a photo of the back/top?

If I were you, I would try to find where they are coming into the house. Try cleaning the tub out and then taping over the drain, nozzles and faucet. If you still get them after a couple days, then this could indicate that they are coming from elsewhere (maybe the ceiling or walls). If you don't get anymore, then try removing the tape from the drain for a few days. If you start to see them again, then they are in your pipes. If not, try uncovering the other items, one at a time with a few days in between to determine where they are coming from. I would guess that they are actually coming into the house from somewhere else (like a door, window or from under the sink) and then getting trapped in the tub at night when they are active. Cockroaches can be difficult to manage, but Raid Roach Baits work better than other products I have tried. You could also contact a local pest control service, who would spray around your house. This spray can help a lot, but you should know that it might not (probably won't) eliminate the cockroaches completely.

Do you ever go in that bathroom at night? Try poking your head in late at night or early in the morning when it is still dark to see them active.

Good luck.


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