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white bug/mite
white bug/mite  

white bug/mite 2
white bug/mite 2  
Hi Jack,

Could you please identify the small white bug in my photo if possible, and tell me whether it can potentially produce any allergic reactions including feeling of itchiness, small red welts, or can it bite? Also how do i get rid of them?! Found this one in a dvd case but have also found them randomly on my wallet and in other cases.

Thanks in advance


This is called a grain mite or mold mite. They are common wherever excess moisture allows mold to grow. The mites feed on the mold (see for details about id and control). They don't bite but people do occasionally develop an allergy to them. Normally this only occurs in warehouse workers who come into contact with mites everyday. The moisture/water leak is usually much more of an issue than the mites themselves. If you eliminate the excess moisture the mites will go away.

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