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Another ant
Another ant  
Having moved into a new home, I've been encountering large ants (3/4 inch or larger) that I've never seen before in this area (I live in Los Angeles, CA). These ants are black and so far I've only seen individual ants roaming around. I would appreciate any input on what I might be dealing with. Thank you!

Hi Roza,

You have carpenter ants, which can bore into wood in your house. They might also just be scavenging for food and not nesting, but it might be best to get some ant bait as soon as possible. Raid makes a good one. The ants will be attracted to the bait, eat it,and carry the poison back to their nest where they will die and many of their buddies will also die. If they are making nests in your home, this can indicate that you have water damaged or rotting wood.

Good luck.


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