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Can you help?
Can you help?  
QUESTION: I have found many of these things around the bed area and the majority of them amongst my clothes, that were in a wooden clothes box. Can you please help me determine what they are? And any suggestions, or advice on the best way to be rid of them, would be greatly appreciated.I thought maybe spider mites, but these seem very different. I dropped a leaf in to see if they would eat it but they seem to avoid it. Just in case you wondered what the green thing is!


These are the larvae of carpet beetles, see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html for pictures of the adult beetle and larvae (the one you have is a different species than the one picture but still a carpet beetle). They infest stored foods including dry pet food. See the page cited above also for control suggestions.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your help. I didn't expect such a speedy response. Maybe because I'm in the UK its a different species? We don't have carpet anywhere in my home. But in saying that the bed is made of fabric material. I see you say they infest stored foods, we haven't found any in the kitchen at all. I only seem to find them in the bedroom and living room area. Where do they come from? Also we have no pets or pet foods.

When these beetles are found in bedrooms they are usually infesting spilled food or dry pet food. In one recent case someone (a teenager) had hidden cookies under a bed. Check around the room you'll likely find the source in some out-of-the-way place.

Jack DeAngelis

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