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My name is Thomas and I live in Tennessee just a little south of Arnold Air Force Base I am originally from Florida and since coming up here I have encountered a caterpillar that I do not recognize and some flying white insects that I have never seen before. If possible, I would like to know what they are. The caterpillar looks like a wooly bear but, instead of being black with a tan stripe around the mid-section, it was all tan colored. It was around my potted plants on my porch so I removed it and put it on the weeds in the field across the street and did not think to photograph the thing. The flying white insect were too small to photograph. They looked like little flakes of ash or little pieces of lint about the size of a large gnat. From these descriptions, would it be possible to get an identification on the caterpillar and the flying insects?

 Hi Thomas
Of course identifying an insect without seeing one is difficult. With respect to the wooly bear I can tell you that there yellow,white and tan woolly bears so I suspect this what you had. I am sorry that I cannot tell you much about the flying insect

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