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My 1 year old son has had bites popping up all over his legs, shoulders hand and ankles for the past 2 weeks. They are red and swollen and most have a pus/head. We originally suspected ants from daycarr but then they kept popping up. More and more.
He doesn't seem bothered by them,  doesn't itch them. The ones with a head (not all have a head) will eventually pop and scab. Still he seems unbothered. We took him to Cooks and they asked if we have cats/dogs. Yes, both. The cats have been known to get in his crib but I've looked and found nothing suspicious.  The doctors decided it was an insect bite (no kidding) and assumed it was fleas. I've changed sheets, sprayed, treated, etc. More bites. Tonight I laid in his crib barely clothed for 2 hours. Nada. If I were to be bit by a flea, I'd know it.
I decided to strip everything off and inspect the mattress. His mattress has a plastic-like cover, not a fabric. I did notice the seams were a little dirty but he had a "daddy night" and a bottle was spilled in his crib. The bedding had been changed but I suspect a thorough cleaning didn't take place and that's all the (one) dingy seam was.
go ahead and pull his crib skirt off and low and behold I find one tiny fuzzy black/tan striated (I know thats not the proper way to say that, striped but not color, his body, the ridges) bug. Very slow, longer than wide, not round, 6 legs, tan head and under body. I put him on me and did not see or feel him bite me after 5 minutes.
I have it in a bag, I only found one. I did find what looks like it could possibly be an egg, but not certain.

I saw carpet bug as a popluar answer but I read those do not bite. My son most certainly has bites.
Please help. I did not find anything in any of the other beds and no one else has bites.


The "tiny fuzzy black..." insect you found is almost certainly a carpet beetle larva, see for pictures. These insects are very common in homes and it is true that they don't bite. My guess is the bites are either not bites at all, or are in fact flea bites. Sometimes allergies can cause skin lesions that look exactly like bug bites. Finally, have the cats been treated for fleas? You might take a look at for info about fleas and flea control.

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