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I just got back from a trip to Rio de Janeiro, where my wife and I hiked in the Tijuca Forest to a waterfall. I kept getting bit by these flying bugs that were small grey with 2 white stripes (stripes going side to side not head to abdomen). These bugs were very persistent, and their bite could not be felt, but left a small hole the blood came out of. After about 3 minute each bite would slightly itch but not swell. It is not a week later and these bites are around 10x as itchy as a mosquito bite. I really need to know water bug this is. The scabs you can see in the photos are not from scratching, they are from the bug bite.

Hi dean
I am sure that this is some kind of a fly but without seeing one I cannot tell you more. Anyway the problem is not what kind of a fly it is but the bites. I  have never sen bites like thes with the hole in the middle but this is a medical problem and I am not an MD. O am sure that a dermatologist can help you

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