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Spider ID
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Hello, recently there have been large and baby spiders crawling around my home, mainly at night. I live in southwest Virginia and I know we can get wolf spiders, but some brown recluse have been supposedly identified around the county. (Some from so called personal experience of being bitten by one) I do not want to jump to conclusions. After exhausting myself on google images, I'd love to have an answer from an expert! Here is a zoomed in photo of the baby spider. It's brown with thin legs.


Can you tell me how large this spider is? Also, can you get a picture that shows the area just behind the "head" more clearly? Try using an ordinary flashlight to light the photo better. Here's a drawing of a brown recluse spider for comparison http://www.livingwithbugs.com/brown_recluse_spiders.html that you can use.

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