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Tetragnatha sp
Tetragnatha sp  

Argiope catenulata
Argiope catenulata  
i am a biology student. It is part of my research study to identify the genus or species ID of spiders. so far, i have two (2) spiders to identify. Based on my research, these spiders are:

   1. genus Tetranagtha
   2. Argiope catenulata

so my question is can you help me to confirm that my researched on identification on these spiders are correct? thank you!

Hi Koiser
Keep in mind that it is difficult to identify spiders without a close examination.Thimgs like the eye pattern are important.So here is my assessmwent here.
 Tetranagtha spiders have bristkes on the kegs and I do not believ this is one of them. I do not have enough detail to tell you what it is.
 This does not resemble Argiope catenulata. A. catenulata are more color and with stripes on the legs.

You may have the Genus correct for the Argiope but I am not sure about Phillipines  spiders  

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