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I wrote to you before about the possible bird mite issue at our office which in turn has spread to home. I know for a fact this is not delusional parasitosis because I keep finding these bugs. I feel crawling or biting and look with magnifier and see a small black speck or sometimes white.  Always at the area of the sensation. Some are visible with naked eye. Some require magnification. This one in particular I found in the bed skirt. The situation is much improved at home but still terrible for all of us at the office. Does this picture look like a bird mite or what kind of bug?


These don't look like bird mites, plus bird mites don't infest homes or offices (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/bird_mites.html for a picture of these mites). In fact I'm not at all sure this is an insect or a mite. I'd suggest collecting a few in alcohol (use a damp Q-tip) and ask the local Cooperative Extension folks to examine them under a microscope.

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