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So recently today I noticed a small piece of bark outside my room as I went to go clean it up, it jumped and did a back flip and landed. As I went to further investigate this "bark" it didn't want to be picked up and flew around my room. After catching it, this creature kicked it's way out of my grip being incredibly strong for its size.

Now that I've finally caught it I can't manage to identify it.

It has 6 legs
two antennae that it shakes
A head and a body that has a neck separating it
two spikes on the back of the head either side
Is dark brown with light brown legs
Hard as exo-skeleton like a beetles
Lines going horizontally from the neck to the butt all parallel


This is not a cockroach. The images are a little blurry but from your description I can id it as a click beetle (Elateridae). See for pictures of cockroaches for comparison. These beetles are harmless.

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