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We adopted two dogs with fleas, We brought them home in our car Infested). Into our home infested. We caught this problem the same day and they got flea baths and each a shot of Advantage. Then a week later they got Trifecta. We have given them repeated baths and the fleas seem to be gone from them and any fleas that now bite them hopefully DIE before laying eggs.

We have sprayed IGR and flea killer sprays on the carpet, have flea bombed several times. My wife still feels as if she is always getting bit. I do not.

We have set out soap water traps...no fleas. We do not ever see any fleas but she still feels like she is getting bite and cleans thoroughly each and every day now for two weeks vacuuming vacuuming vacuuming, moping down hardwood floors cleans, cleans, cleans.  

She feels they are in her clothes she washes washes, washes, everything we wear, bath towels the dogs bedding day, after day, after day.

We have a dehumidifier going keeping the humidity levels down below 40% and move it from room to room.

SHe stills feels like she is getting bite and now wants to wash every stitch of clothing we own, pillows bedding etc

With all that we are doing is this last part necessary? She runs a piano business out of the house and we are losing money. Can you please advise.


With all the treatments plus not finding fleas or flea bite lesions I think it is safe to say that fleas, per se, are not the problem. Sometimes when people experience a traumatic situation such as an insect infestation it triggers a great deal of anxiety that can last long after the initial cause has resolved. It is in fact a type of PTSD. My guess is that this is what your wife is experiencing. I'd suggest that she talk with her MD about the symptoms because anxiety is fairly easy to treat, I believe.

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