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Still picture, best i captured with phone
Still picture, best i  

White fuzz spider-insect
White fuzz spider-inse  
I saw this at work, and thought it was a "cotton fuzzball" type thing. It looked kind of like a dandelion seed fuzz. Or something you would see around the house as a piece of "fuzz". When i blew on it, this thing moved like a spider. My boss thought i was crazy and picked it up with his hands - and i swear i saw legs moving frantically! He promised (and laughed at me) that it was a "cotton fuzz" ... My videos from before he got to it proves it moved on its own like a spider! But i dont think its a spider, it had too many hair-like (thinner than hair) legs and seemed like one body? Im arachnophobic so i didnt get too close, and my video is dark and blurry from the zoom, so i couldnt see any eyes. Its really strange and i cannot find anything online so far to help me identify what this was! Please, please help and respond! Arachnophobic or not, im intrigued and really want to know. *cant upload video because recorded on my phone. I dont know how to change formats on phone. Please email me and i will send file*

Hi Nicole I have seen this before and I am going to consult with a fellow professor tomorrow,. Then I will get back to you

I have not yet seen the video Attach it to an e-mail and send it to my e mail address

Hi Nicole: Between two Biologists and myself we have agreed that this definitely a seed, most likely a seed from Canada thistle. The filiments are delicate and move with slightest wind movement so it looks like insect or spider movement

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