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Yellow insect
Yellow insect  

Can someone please help me? I have had a problem with some sort of insect for over 3 years.
I started finding what looked like seeds in my car. Nonetheless ive been trying to ID. Ive recently move into a ground level apartment (8/2015 Denver CO)
Prior to moving in I sanitized everything.I.washed every piece of fabric(clothes,furniture) it seemed to have worked for 2weeks... now its worse than ever! I have these tiny white,yellow and black things everywhere! My clothes have holes(this is new) my furniture is infested and now my stereo speakers. (Vintage speakers that ive had over 15 years)
In addition to seeing specks like insects, I can hear something. Sounds like scratching cloth.I thought it might be a clothes moth.. until I returned home (gone 5 days) I noticed my speakers were covered with god knows what! In addition what are these things are they can eat through wood,thick plastic(space bags that my sweathers were in), carpet and clothing! My small apt.is infested and.im going crazy trying to get rid of whatever they are.
Im attaching pictures.
I haven't seen any insects! (Spiders but thats it)
Can someone please help??


The photo marked "yellow insect" does not look like an insect or insect parts, I can't id it from this picture. You may want to collect it into a small vial of alcohol and take the sample to your local Cooperative Extension office (extension.org) for id. Also, I'm unable to see anything on the "speakers", can you get a close-up photo? Sorry I can't be more specific.

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