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What is this?
What is this?  
We live in new house, in an area of new homes in Northern Mass. I mention "new" because some of my neighbors have had issues with carpenter ants after moving in... but their homes are located closer to wetlands. I opened a window and noticed some material (see picture) and and something that looks like seeds. I have not seen any bugs but I am wondering if they are dormant or eggs possibly. When I checked another window close by there was the same material and what appeared to be piece of mulch from the gardens around the house. Thank you!


This does not look like typical carpenter ant debris. With carpenter ants (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpenter_ants.html) you'll see what appears to be wood shavings and insect parts. However, it is not unusual to find carpenter ants in new homes. This can occur when homes are built in a (usually) wooded area where existing nests can be disturbed, the ants move into the house as it is being built and before the exterior is sealed.

I can't id the pictured material. It looks more like insulation than something made by an insect. One test might be to remove the material and see if anything new appears in the same area.

Sorry I can't be more specific.

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