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Hello, I'm in Riverside, CA & have a female daddy long legs who relocated herself from a bad spot in my house to a better spot behind my printer in the wall corner by my desk. Her web is really small so when I tried to put a small moth in it the moth wouldn't stick until the 5th try. She finally stopped swinging & wrapped & ate it over the course of 2 days. When will she want to eat again? A week later I noticed a male had given himself up to her & was dead in her web, then she dropped him. I was amazed he even got inside, but then again, she did. Another week later she looks twice as big as when she first was there. Most of the day she's pressed up against the wall, then come 11pm she suspends herself mid-web, so I assume she wants prey & try to place a small moth in her web but it never gets stuck & she swings circles. What should I do, please? I don't want her to starve.

Hello Tiffany,

It sounds like you have been very accommodating to your spider friend. However, spiders are tough creatures and good at finding prey on their own. When she bounces, as you mentioned, she feels threatened. It really is best for her if you leave her alone. She likely put her web in a location where she can find food, but if you still feel that there is nothing there for her to eat, then I recommend putting her outside. She will build a new web outside and will be able to take care of herself.

Thanks for your message and your interest in spiders.


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