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Possible bedbug
Possible bedbug  
QUESTION: I found this tiny insect crawling across my bed. First thought, bed bug. However.. The neck and shoulders appear to be different than the pics of bed bugs I have seen online. Also, the body appears to be more oblong than oval,
and the legs are further down on the torso. Similarities are that this bug is segmented and is red-brown in color, and very small. Can you help?

ANSWER: Hi Cyndi
This is a beetle of some kind and I cannot tell you much from this photo. Identifying beetles requires a study of the legs. It could be one of the pantry pests or it could be just a transient that found itself in a bedroom. If it is a pantry pest you will find more of them. If you do let me know.
IN any event it cannot hurt you and if you have bedbugs you will have been bitten


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QUESTION: Well that is a relief. I haven't been bitten that I know of, but I know that not everyone has a reaction when they are bitten. I wish I had a better pic of the legs. I have searched the Internet for the type of beetle it could be, and so far nothing matches up. Thank you so much Walter for your quick response. Any advice on how to keep them out of my BED?

I assumed that you only found a single beetle on the bed. If so it is most likely a transient that does not want to be in your bed.
From the shape and size I think this could be a kitchen pest. Look up Drugstore beetles, Cigarette beetles, and grain beetles.
Like I mentioned before if it is a pantry pest you will not only find just one. There will be more in your kitchen

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