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Mystery bug
Mystery bug  
Hello, my name is Phil. I live in Los Angeles. A year ago, I took this photo (see attachment) of an insect in our bedroom. We've seen 1 or 2 more of these bugs over the last year.  We've never seen the typical flat form or any other presentation. Just the one in the photo.

I've tried researching bedbugs and other similar bugs, but can't draw any conclusions. This bug seems to have three body parts, but the abdomen looks very similar to the bedbug.

We haven't had any bug bites over the year, and don't see blood stains on the bed.  Nor have i seen any carcases that resemble bedbugs.

A year ago, we took our son to the pediatrician thinking he had bedbug bites. But, the doctor said they weren't.

Anyway, we're just not sure. Can you please identify this?  
Please contact me at

Hi Phillip,

Thanks for the question and for including the clear photo. It is definitely not a bedbug. It looks like a termite to me, possibly a king (the fertile male termites). This is not what would have bitten your son. Do you see any damage to wood (floors, cabinets, etc.)?


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