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bug in the bathroom
bug in the bathroom  
bug been killed
bug been killed  

I found three bugs in this month in kitchen and bathroom. It doesn't seem that we  have any infested food or cloths. So I don't think they have anything to eat. These bugs were hard and moved quickly. Can you please tell me what are they and how to get rid of the others (if any)?

Thank you for your help!

ANSWER: Hellow Amber
I cannot make out any details from the photos but ithey look like Carpet beetle larvae  or possibly one of the pantry pests. If they are there must be adult beetles around somewhere. If you do not see more then these three there is probably no reason to do anything at this time. Look under any carpets or in upholstery for adult beetles. They are quite small. Let me know if you see more

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QUESTION: Hi Walter,
I found two bugs else yesterday and today. One was on the kitchen floor and the other was behind the fridge.After check some images, now I am pretty sure that they are black carpet beetle larva. But the problem is I still can't sure where are they come from as these bugs all showed up in different place. My friend and I have checked everywhere but find nothing. So is it possible that they came from ventilating system or other pipeline? Can you please tell me what should I do now? Can I just buy some insect repellent and spray it everywhere?

Get some boric acid powder, diatomaceous Earth or an insect spray with a pyrethrin base and spray along the cracks in the baseboards. If you see any near the kitchen cupboards. them can wipe then out. Did you look under carpets? Looka t all dried foods including pet foods that are opened. If they increase in number you may need a professional to come to the house and search the house

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