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pellets on sheet
pellets on sheet  

close-up of pellets
close-up of pellets  
Dark hard cylindrical pellets or droppings(?) with blunt ends, approx 1/16 to 1/8" long have appeared for 3 nights in my bed, UNDER the area I was sleeping! Spaced about 3" apart, about 14 or so at a time. I think there are also some under the bed, but they may be from the first night I brushed them off (thinking it was some debris that fell out of my pocket.) I vacuumed, changed sheets and put on clean pyjamas and they appeared again. I slept in a different bed last night and there was nothing under the covers. Tonight I am going to try again but I am creeped out. They are not water soluble and I can't seem to easily crush them or smear them even after soaking. They are hard and rubbery. I am in Vancouver, Canada. The closest sample I have seen is termite droppings but how could they drop UNDER the covers and why at NIGHT when I am sleeping??? Please HELP!


What is directly above this area (flat ceiling, skylight, and so forth)? Are there any plants that overhang this area? These could be caterpillar frass (droppings) but they are not drywood termite pellets (plus drywoods don't occur in your area). Post a follow up and we'll figure this out.

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