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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/maggots surrounding the toilet bowl


Below is msg from condo renter, I need you help to figure out what to do, thanks much!!

we discovered something disturbing today when we got home. A few days ago (Saturday) we woke up to the bathroom downstairs smelling like rotting fish for no reason. I did some searching online and a few places had some explanations about water lines etc that we checked out connecting to our laundry and found nothing. We tried airing it out but nothing helped.

Well today Jeromy went into the bathroom and found little white maggots surrounding the toilet bowl. I'm so grossed out, we are clean people and so I googled it and did find this:

I don't know if it's something from when new toilets were installed perhaps but I'd really like to figure it out ASAP if we can get someone out here

Dear F - Could you please append a clear, close-up image of at least one of the critters in question? The bad odor mentioned in the narrative could indicate either that there may be problem with the condo's waste handling system, or some critter died in an inaccessible space - we once had a nasty odor problem in our house that eventually was traced to a small rodent carcass in a wall recess. If your mystery critters are indeed maggots, they will be a nuisance problem rather than a serious health threat of any kind. I looked at the link you provided, and believe that it is not at all accurate.
Hope this helps,

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