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I need to apologize to you first, for I do not know if I am asking this question in the right place. My question is, if i want to know the exact meaning of the word "Glossina" (tzetze fly), where could I find it? So far I've tried Wiktionary and some other online encyclopedia, but to no results. None of those websites seem to know the meaning of the scientific names of tzetze flies! Yeah, so that is it... Sorry if i am asking this in the wrong place, if so please direct me to the right zone, and... if you happen to know a place, or a book where i could look this sort of informations up, please please let me know.

Thank you so much.
Deeply appreciated.

Interesting question Johnnie.
The Genus Glossina (tsetse Flies) belongs to the Family Glossinidae. The fly was named by Theobald in 1903. I do not know who named the Family but Glosso refers to the tongue or proboscis. Glossinidae means long tongue or proboscis.  

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