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I saw your answer to the question about small white moisture bugs. You told the person if they found the source of the moisture they can get rid of the problem. I am having the same issue with these white small bugs. I recently extended my house but it was the back of my house which backs on to a mountain. I did dig out a lot of dirt and some mountain.  I made a small apartment and it is part of an extension of my house. it has a window and door so there is air flow. I am finding these bugs in two places one is a bedroom and in the kitchen of the new area I built. I cant figure where the moister is coming from in the bedroom to get rid of these bugs or in the kitchen since I don't see any moisture. No one has even used the kitchen yet. However, These are the only areas there was drilling into the walls to place the furniture. I am thinking of having the furniture taken out of the bedroom to see what is going on behind the wall. Is there anyway of getting rid of these bugs if I can't find the source of the moister?

ANSWER: Cindy,

Unfortunately there are no insecticides that will work for grain/mold mites (see for details about these mites) so finding and eliminating the moisture source is still the best option. Keep in mind that even high relative humidity is enough to allow mold growth and mites to thrive.

Jack DeAngelis

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QUESTION: I know that there are no insecticides to get rid of them. I was told to find the source of the moisture but what if I can't. It is a new space maybe there was moisture in the materials used to build the place. Lets say I can't find the source of the moister would using a dry heater to dry out the place help? If I stop using the heater would they come back if the room develops moisture? I know they are not harmful but I can not live in a place that there are bugs that I can't get rid of. I would appropriate any help you can give me.

A dehumidifier will help and also try to ventilate the area by opening doors or windows whenever possible. Heating or air conditioning will also help dry things out. New construction is often damp and needs times to dry out, even newly painted walls can out gas moisture. As long as there are no leaks I'm sure it will dry out especially if you can keep the air moving and heated.

Jack DeAngelis  

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