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"Hi i live in bks california & my 3yr old and i have been getting bit by this insect inside my room. I noticed them more in the evening but especially during the night I'm not sure if its two types of insects or if ther linked together in life stages. the 1 with wings at first I thought was a mosquito but our doors and windows are never open through the day or the night. So i thought possibly could be a flying termite, seeing how we just noticed a small termite problem in our washroom towards the back of the house. can you please help me identify what they are and what I could do thank you"


I'm not able to see the images of the insects clearly but the one in the upper right appears to be a fly, not a termite. The image at bottom center does not look like insects but again I can't see much detail. If you can get closer/clearer images I'd be glad to take another look. Also, unfortunately it is almost impossible to id the cause of skin lesions like the ones in these pictures. There are just so many different things can cause these marks. I'm sorry I can't be more specific.

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