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What kind of bug?
What kind of bug?  
QUESTION: Many of my neighbors are currently having this bug invade their house, most of the homes are adjacent to a slope. What is it?
Thank you Nancy

ANSWER: Nancy,

Can you get a little closer I need more detail of the "legs". Also, do you live need the ocean?

Jack DeAngelis

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What kind of bug
What kind of bug  
QUESTION: Yes I live about 1 mile from beach and only 1/8 mile from river bed (Huntington Beach CA)
Thank you,


I don't think this is an insect but rather a fairy shrimp or a related group. These are crustaceans that live in salt and freshwater. They are often blown onto land during storms and sometimes are found in large numbers around homes near water. They are harmless. I still can't see this one clearly enough to be certain by that's what it looks like to me.

Jack DeAngelis

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