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?? bug of some kind? ?
?? bug of some kind? ?  
QUESTION: Hi i live in central california and was wondering if you can tell me what kinda bug this is.  I found it in the hallway


How large is the bug? Also, can you get a picture that is in focus? Are the inserts (green backgrounds) close-ups? I can't see enough detail to be certain so a clearer image would help. If you can't get a clearer image I will take a stab at an id but I can't be 100% certain.

Jack DeAngelis

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this is it
this is it  
QUESTION: Its about 1/6th of an inch big, the back green is the actual cabnit i found it on. I put tape on it so it couldn't move.

This is a carpet beetle (see http://www.livingwithbugs.com/carpet_beetle.html for more images of carpet beetles and control info). These are very common in homes and generally no reason for concern. If you see large numbers look for an infestation in stored food (see page cited above).

Jack DeAngelis  

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