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I live in a two bedroom apartment that is on the ground floor of the complex, my bed is against the wall & most times when I come home from school, I wake up in the middle of the night with itchy, annoying welt on my body. My grandmother had bed bugs in her apartment before & she got rid of them, but last summer she got sick & had to move in with us, Im beginning to think that some of the things she had in storage, had bed bugs on them & they're now in my house. The problem is, I'm the only one being bitten. I've attached a picture of a bug I saw crawling on my pillow after waking up with welts. Is this a bed bug?

Hi, Annika:

Yes, that would be a bed bug.

It is quite possible that everyone in the household is being bitten, but you are the only one *reacting* to the bites.

Here is a blog post I wrote about bed bugs that should answer most of your questions, and point you to additional resources:


There should be no social stigma attached to having bed bugs, since any household, motel, 5-star hotel, etc can have them.  Don't let the apartment management coerce you into paying for extermination services throughout the complex.  There is no real way of knowing the point of origin.  It could be that the neighbor traveled and came back with bed bugs, for all you know.

Take care, you have my best wishes for a swift and smooth resolution to this.



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