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insect larvae
insect larvae  

My children and I have been getting bit by something.  We have tried to find out what with no avail. Im hoping you can help. Attached you will find a picture of my 8 year old daughters back. After laying down to read before bed she had called me to come look at her back. She had said it was itching.This isn't the first time. We all have had this itching sting. I have found white looking bugs(flies) as well as lint looking bugs. Please let me know if you have any idea as to what this might be.I have many more pictures id like to show.

Hi Jeannie
I cannot identify the insect in the photo. As for the bites on you daughter's back: I am not a dermatologist but this looks to me like a rash and not bites,but I am not licensed to diagnose rash problems
I cannot confirm that this is a bug problem but it could be a medical problem. Have a dermatologist examine your daughters back.
Meanwhile you can send me additional bug photos and perhaps I can tell you more

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