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crawling bug
crawling bug  

could you please help me in identifying this kind of bug. this is already the second one I've seen in my room and this one was on my bed last night. are they harmful to my 2yr old or me? how do I get rid of them? Should i be worried? do they bite and what are signs of infestations if any? thank you

Hi Leann
These are carpet beetles. They do not bite and can not hurt you or your children but they can cause property damage. To get rid of them you will have to locate the source. The larvae are brown with bristles. Look for them. You may have a mild infestation. Look under your carpets and in chairs. Get a pyrethrin based spray and spray around baseboards. Also check opened dried foods in your cupboards. If you cannot locate the source or the number of then increases you may need to consult an exterminator. But be careful about who yu choose as nmany of them are unreliable.


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