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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/Little, tiny, white bugs on my clarinet. Kinda freaking out.


I have to wipe off these little, tiny, white bugs which I thought were termites but have now after reading found them to possibly be mites? Im very worried and need help. I dint have a photo but there is another person who has seen them and asked you and you answered them being mites and her picture looks exactly the same. How do I get rid of them without damaging any part of my instrument?


These sound like mold mites (see for more about these mites). The key here is to eliminate moisture and mold, the mites will go away once the area is dry enough that mold won't grow. The mites are harmless and won't damage your clarinet but excess moisture and mold can be an issue. I can't say where the moisture is coming from but check all sources of water.

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