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I had five ladybugs inside my apt, however, if I kept them inside the apt in a corner of a window and my mom found them she would kill them. I didnt really want to put them outside due to the fact I am afraid they would either die from the cold nights and/or be eaten, so I put them in between the window screen and the glass window and covered them with a tissue.  So they are inside the apt but not directly in my bedroom.

My question: Can the tissue keep them warm?

Dear Debbie - My best guess is that the tissue would provide very little protection from cold temperatures (the beetles themselves do not produce any body heat that the tissue would trap). That aside, the biggest threat to their survival would be desiccation (drying out from lack of water). To prevent that, you might try placing a raisin or two that has been soaked in water near them. See http://tinyurl.com/njnyjxy for some suggestions on keeping lady beetles in captivity.

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