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Entomology (Study of Bugs)/something is maliking holes in my walls and me


what are the insects
what are the insects  
QUESTION: Good day,
i live in the UK and recently I have seen markings on my plastered wall i belive them to be made by silver fish as I have seen them in my bedroom I have tried to catch one but its impossible , I have seen irregular markings , I have enclosed a slight bluury phot of the markings , I have found marks on my body like something has tried to scrap of skin , I under stand that silver fish can not penetrate human skin but can damae almost everything .
I hope you can help me .
Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Lillian
I cannot identify these markings as anything left by insects. Silverfish do not leave anything like this and their damage is basically insignficant. The marks on your body are not caused by silverfish as theya re quite harmless. If thes e marks become troublesome you should consult a dermatalogist.
Sorry I can not be of more help


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QUESTION: Hi i dont under stand what they can be then there is something in my bedroom that is cousing these marks could termites cause this ? there is something that gnawed at my abdomene , is there any one else you could pass this to as I have to identify what it may be , I know silver fish make small holes , i have tryed to trap whatever the cause is but have had no joy , I noticed somethings like silver fish have died whilst making circles and they have mummyfied is the only way I can describe it , I may go to the british natural musemum in London and try and speak to someone there.
Thanks Lillian

Hello again Lillian
I can only state from what you have told me that I do not believe silverfish are involved. Since we are an ocean apart I thing you need to  have somebody visit you and look over the situation. You should see a doctor about any effects on your body

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