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A year ago my boyfriend and I moved into an older family home on the top floor. As time went on there were a lot of issues with bugs. The most frightening being what were allegedly bed bugs. They never made it to the bedroom, but they would fall from the ceiling (from the attic, Iím assuming) on to the kitchen floor. Luckily, we were never bitten. This was about a year ago. It took two bug bombings to eliminate the infestation, or so we thought.

For the past few weeks, Iíve had two marks on my back, adjacent to each other that sometimes became itchy. I thought they were pimples, but I noticed I couldnít pop them. A few days later, my stomach became itchy but I never noticed any bites. This Monday, I noticed I had a red bump on my stomach. The mark itself is extraordinarily tiny, but the inflammation is much wider. I did research online, and the most similar bites I could find were those of mites. I live in Massachusetts, so a lot of the mites I was finding tend to live in warmer climates. My boyfriend did not want to tell me, but he found a dead bed bug in the bathroom. However, I researched and learned they bit exposed areas 3-10 times in one feeding. Iím seeing my PCP on Friday, but Iím not sure she will be able to determine what kind of bites they are. I have attached pictures of the ones on my stomach (I canít reach around my back, but they are similar). Iím hoping if you can zoom in you can see the actual bite itself. The general suspicion as of is that there is a dead animal in the attic with lice or mites that are half dead, looking for food. I donít know where else this could have happened.

My boyfriend stripped the bed. He found nothing. He does not have bites.

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Unfortunately it is not possible to identify what may have bitten you from a photo alone because many things can cause this type of reaction. However, this mark does not look like a typical bug bite. Here's a list of insects and mite that bite people and some things that can be mistaken for bug bites http://www.livingwithbugs.com/unknown_bug_bites.html that you can look over. Your PCP will be able to examine these and at least prescribe something for the irritation.

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