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I would really like your help identifying this bug that I have been living with for over 2 years but have no idea what is it called or the insect family it belongs to.
I am living in São Luis do Maranhão, Brazil, which really is on the southern edge of the Amazon Jungle. Since I've moved here, I've had to share my house with this pesky bugs (although I've grown fond of them).
They are pests because they eat basically everything, sometimes remarkably so. The most astonishing was to see them thriving and reproducing inside a concealed glass of powdered dried parsley without access to water! In that small container there have must been at least 30 to 50 individuals, and like I've mentioned, it was sealed with plastic and the lid; it had no obvious point for them to enter. They seem to get inside plastic containers in an almost magic way (for example unopened pasta)
They also adore paprika (even the hot one). Nori, to make sushi, is also a welcomed entry in their menus. Anything with starch, almonds, hazlenuts (although, curiosly, never in Brazil nuts or cashews, native from here).
I have rarely seen them in their larval stage, but they are in a worm shape and yellow.
I call then "cascudos", Portuguese for with a shell, because they have a tough outer shell.
They fly, although, it seems to me, not for long periods of time.
And even though it eats the same food as I do, it never leaves any strange taste or odor in the produce.
I would really appreciate if you tell me more about this bug because it's part of my life now.

If needed, you can ask me more questions,

Thanks in advance,

Hi Tiago
For this photo I can narrow this down to two kinds of beetle. They are either Cigarette beetles or Drugstore beetles. They both eat many kinds of foods. The cigarette beetle eat tobacco an dd dried foods and species like paprika.If you want to get rid of them you will have to find the source. But they do not seem to a problem for you.   They can appear in unopened foods because the eggs are present when you buy them. Look them up and let me know if I have the correct identification

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