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Mystery bug
Mystery bug  

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Mystery bug 2  

A week ago I found some bugs in my mother in laws bed she is away on holiday and hss been for 6 weeks so no one sleeping in the bed. They are tiny maybe 1mm but are visable to naked eye. They are browny/black. I vacumed, steamed cleaned carperts washed all bedding but they are still coming onto the bed. Have shown pictures to various pest extetminators but no one has given the same answer. So far I have been told carpert bettles, bird mites, mites, book lice. I dont have any birds nest on the house that I can see. Bedroom is on the ground floor at the back of the house. The garden is next to the bedroom. There is dead ivy outside the bedroom window. The weather is starting to warm up. No visabledamp in room. Pictures attached I hope you can help identify them.

Hi Keetha
These are booklice or Psocids. To get rid of them be sure everything is as dry as possible and see if you can find the source. Are there any books or paper materials in the bedroom?
Any exterminator should have been able to identify these right away

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