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I asked this of someone else, but they needed better pictures if I found another one.  I found another one this morning.  Mind you I'm finding the few I did on hardwood flooring walking across the room.  So far I have only seen two.  I have more clear pictures of this second one. I'm at a loss what to do right now and don't even know what these things are.  I keep food sealed for the most part and only have seen these two downstairs.  This is about as clear a picture as I can get.  I could send the dead bug to you if needed. Just let me know.

My original question was:

"I live in the United States in Pittsburgh, Pa.  My cat found this bug and chose not to eat it so I had squashed it. It seemed to me to make a slight crunch sound when I squashed it.  It looks like it is round, maybe 1/16 or 1/32 of an inch or less, has what appears to be two segments one small head and a larger body and appears to have six legs. It may have been slightly smaller than a ladybug in nature.  On closer examination, but barely noticeable it look like it may have had two faint brown stripes on its back.  I could not find a picture online to tell me for sure what it was."


It looks like a varied carpet beetle (see for more pics) but the photo is much too dark to be certain. Post a follow up if you have questions not answered on the link above.

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