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Hello, please forgive the terrible picture quality - it's all I have available at the moment. We have a problem with an insect in our house. It is only an issue on one side of the house, involving only two rooms in the back and no others in the front of the house. The insect seems to enter via the windows but I genuinely can't see them crawling outside the building. I have also never 'caught them in the act' of entering the house. The insect looks like a very small fly or flying ant. It has six legs, clear small wings and long, straight antennae. The middle legs seem to bend at an angle while the front do not. It looks to have a straight body. It is a small insect, only a few mms at most but clearly visible to the eye. It can fly but seems to prefer not doing so unless we go near it to remove it. At that, it doesn't fly very far or for too long. I notice there are more in warmer weather. Over the winter we had none but this summer I see them coming back again. There are quite a few of them on a daily basis. I have tried eliminating entry points by sealing around windows, eg. but this makes no difference (and isn't feasible in the summer anyway). I can't figure them out and despite constant cleaning and insect killer I just can't get rid of them. We are UK based so not in the U.S. Any advice you can offer appreciated! And apologies for the poor images.

This looks very much like a wasp and especially a Braconid wasp. Unfortunately the photo is quite fuzzy and I cannot make out any details.  The problem is that braconid wasps are parasitic on other insects and  being in the house in large numbers is strange. Look up Braconid wasps on google and check out some clear photos. Let me know if anything look familiar to what you have

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