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Top view  
Can you identify the attached photographed insect


Hi, Larry:

Sure, the insect in the image (very clear, thank you) is a male Eastern Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa virginica .  Here's more about them:


Males generally patrol places where females are nesting.  They are territorial and aggressive, but do not sting (males do not have a stinger).  So, if one hovers in front of your face, looking all intimidating, no need to worry.

Females bore holes in logs, dead trees, stumps, and structural timbers on buildings.  Only rarely do they cause enough damage to warrant concern.  Woodpeckers trying to get at larval carpenter bees can do far worse cosmetic damage.

Hope this helps.  Enjoy their presence, they are important pollinators of wild and cultivated flowers, trees, and shrubs.


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