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I recently found a nest (maybe two - whatever is on the right in the photos is not clear) up inside the outside light housing near my screen door off my back patio in South Orange County, California. I'd cleaned webs out of the fixture within the past 6 months so it must have been built since then. It looks sort of like hardened mud, light tan in color and hard when I poke at it with a stick... only crumbly pieces fall out. (I poked at it 20 minutes after I sprayed HomeDefense, just in case something living in there would become irritated at me!). Any idea what this is and how I can make sure there are no eggs? I did google images of mosquito nests to no avail since they've been appearing on my patio lately even though there is no water source for them. I appreciate any insight you can offer.

Hello Jill,

There are a few types of insects that build mud dwellings like this one, but I think yours was probably made by mud daubers. These are wasps. I think I actually see the wing of one protruding out from under the light bulb in your photos. You mentioned that you cleaned out some spider webs from this light -- the mud daubers are probably eating the spiders. Mud daubers are not aggressive and don't usually sting, although I would still be cautious if you decide to remove the nest.

Thanks for the photo and detailed question. Good luck.


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